Team Dancing with Dignity


Dancing with Dignity

Vanessa Mastroianni
Corey Dixon
Carolyne Gamble

Denise Andre
Larry Crawford

Lin Diamond
Halina Kot

Our ensemble of fun, kind hearted, hardworking, compassionate individuals are committed to our community and making a difference. Our crew has a dash of sass, a smidgen of kooky and an enormous amount of passion.

$16,580 Total Raised

Reason for Dancing:

On a day to day basis we see firsthand the impact COHA has on many of the families we serve. From this we were inspired to jump outside of our comfort zone and put our dancing shoes on. Some of us may have been born with two left feet but were going work hard with what our Mama’s gave us and have fun!

What does COHA mean to you?

Vanessa – Compassion, Lin – Empathy, Halina – Hope, Corey – Dignity, Terance – Respect, Carolyne – Nurturing, Larry – Comfort, Denise – Helping