Team Kitchen Party


Kitchen Party

Dean & Lorelei McAuley
Mark & MJ Turton
Greg & Debbie Asling

Kevin & Linda Edgecombe
Peter & Candace Raja

Our team is a dynamic group of business owners/entrepreneurs that are always looking at ways they can give back to their communities and passions.

$82,637 Total Raised

Reason for Dancing:

Our group decided to dance in the 2019 Swinging with the Stars because the hospice cause just resonates with all of us. Plus we all get to do something fun with a group of people we really love! This is a fantastic community cause for a community that has been great to all of us.

What does COHA mean to you?

We have all seen first-hand the compassionate care that is provided to those that need Hospice care. It comes from an incredible group of volunteers that we should all aspire to.

Team Sponsors:

Print Three
Bob and Linda Callahan
W Tod Alstad
Fitness on the Go
Cabella Hair Design