Team Hoffman/Sahay


Team Hoffman/Sahay
Simply the Best

Jane Hoffman
Reginald Sahay

We both work with people in our community on a daily basis, Reg is the RCMP Dog Handler, and Jane as a Real Estate Agent. We love what we do and do it with a bounce in our step. We hope to bring this same
enthusiasm to the dance floor!

Fundraising Goal: $100,000


$28,350 raised so far

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Twitter:  janehoffmangroup

Reason for Dancing:

We had the opportunity to participate as dancers in this event in the past and are honoured to be chosen to dance again! We both like to be challenged and learn new things that SWTS is the perfect venue for both! Working in our community every day we both want to be able to give back in a meaningful way. Being part of this event allows us to give back to our community – while doing something fun.

What does COHA mean to you?

COHA is inspiring; it provides hope, compassion and positivity at a time when it is needed most. This inspiration has impacted Jane personally and has influenced her support for COHA since 2013. A young
friend of Jane’s was diagnosed with cancer. Jane witnessed her transition in Hospice and experienced the compassionate home-like environment that COHA contributes to. What could have been a melancholy time is remembered as a time of unending positivity.

We support Central Okanagan Hospice because we see the positive impact it brings to families that are faced with the transition of a loved one. To be part of such a worthwhile cause is something we care deeply about and will continue to support into the future.

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