License Requirements 

Swinging with the Stars

License Requirements

Depending on the type of fundraising event(s), some licenses may be required. To confirm, check with Tanya Charpontier as most events require licensing from either the Liquor Control & Licensing Branch and/or Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch at least six weeks prior to your event. 

Gaming Activities 

  • Organization (i.e. COHA) that acknowledges the event, agrees to accept and identify the proceeds and agrees to use them for eligible purposes.
  • SWTS fundraising teams may only apply for a Class B ticket raffle only (gross revenue of $20,000 or less).

Class B Gambling Event License ($20,000 or Less in Gross Revenue) Class B gambling event licenses allow eligible organizations to fundraise by holding a gambling event or series of gambling events that will generate up to $20,000 in gross revenue. Gambling events include raffles, Texas hold’em poker, bingos, social occasion casinos and wheels of fortune. 

COHA will apply for all gaming licenses; processing fee is $25.00 per license paid by COHA. Please provide the following information: 

Regular Raffle – for example; ticket raffles, Bingo or 50/50 

Dependent upon the type of raffle, COHA will require specific details before proceeding with the application. 

  • Special Event Permit (SEP) License

If you’re wanting to serve or sell liquor in a public space that is not licensed, you will need a Special Event Permits (SEP). SEPs are available to event hosts who wish to provide temporary or infrequent liquor service at events such as family gatherings, private functions, community festivals and manufacturer tastings. A Special Event Permit permits the host to serve or sell liquor at an event in accordance with BC’s liquor laws and regulations. For more information and application go to 

Donations and Tax Receipts 

The Central Okanagan Hospice Association (COHA) is a registered charity # 118843515 RR0001 and under the Income Tax Act can issue official donation tax receipts to donors for donations. Contact Tanya Charpontier with your questions. 


DONATIONS – please use Donation Form / Tax receipts will be issued for donations over $20.00 

Donating online is quick and easy. Once online, the donor will simply choose their favourite team and  donate accordingly. Every donation contributes to the selected teams fundraising campaign goal.  Tax receipts will be issued upon successful completion of each online transaction. s We do accept credit cards over the telephone or send your donors into the COHA August Centre at 200 – 1890 Cooper Road, Kelowna to donate to your campaign using our credit/debit machine, cheque (payable to COHA) or cash.  

PLEDGES – please use Pledge Form 

Have you been the recipient of a collective group of funds given to you in support of your team’s fundraising campaign? Pledging is when many people come together to donate funds to one campaign. The monies are sometimes given in smaller amounts, over time or are collected in various ways and they continue to add up and can be applied to a team’s campaign. Due to the nature of pledging, donation tax receipts are not issued on collective donations.  

What information does COHA need? 

  • Donors first name and last name and full physical mailing address including postal code, telephone number and email address
  • Credit Cards – collect Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, Name of Cardholder, Security Code (3 digit code on back) Mastercard, Visa, and Amex

The funds must be brought into COHA in their original format. Be sure to enclose funds and forms within an already labelled envelope with the team name clearly noted so that we can ensure that the donations get attached to the correct dance team. Please bring in all monies from your events within 3 days. Records must be legible and  tax receipts will be issued for eligible donations only. 

NOTE: All cash/credit card and cheque donation monies MUST be received no later than Noon on Friday, March 8, 2024. Online donations can be made until 7:00 pm on March 9, 2024.  Monies dropped off between Monday to Wednesday will be updated online on your team page on Thursdays.  It is recommended that  Teams send out ThankYou cards (available in your digital package) to their supporters. In doing so, you are creating a relationship between COHA and that donor. In addition, if this act is done in a timely manor, it can lead to more pledges in support of your dance team. For any donations that come back to COHA as NSF or declined, Tanya Charpontier w will contact the team’s campaign lead for in order for them to contact the donor and sort it out.  

What is eligible for a donation tax receipt? 

Anything that the donor does not receive any value or benefit for. This would include regular donated amounts, a portion of the event ticket that is deemed eligible, etc. 

What is not eligible? Anything the donor in turn received a benefit – auction items, sponsorships, dinner portion of an event ticket, entertainment portion of an event ticket, draws and raffle tickets. Please check with 

Tanya Charpontier before making any tax receipting promises.  

Can donation tax receipts be given to donors of products/services? P Due to legislation changes, COHA does not issue in-kind tax receipts unless that item has undergone an independent appraisal (the costs associated with appraisals in most cases outweigh the benefit of a donation tax receipt for most donors, as the donor would be responsible to pay for the appraisal). A letter from a business will suffice also with the retail value at the time of the donation can also be submitted. 

If donor wishes to receive a tax receipt for donated goods or services a cheque exchange must be completed. The donor can bill COHA for the product or service, receive payment from us then issue a cheque back to COHA as a regular donation naming their chosen team as the recipient of the donation. 

(eligible for donation tax receipt) as long as they are not forced to make the return donation, and all information is collected on the return donation. This is known as a cheque exchange. 

I’m hosting a private, ticketed event and need to know if a portion of this will receive a tax receipt? 

This is determined on the actual costs for your event minus certain expenses  which will vary by event. There is also an 80/20 rule with CRA if the non-receipt portion is 80% or more of what was paid there is no donation tax receipt portion. This can be tricky if you are not familiar with this process. 

Dance Team Soliciting Sponsorships

There is the opportunity to solicit dancer sponsorships that is specific to each Dancing Team. Logos would be placed on the Dancer team page and an acknowledgment will be placed on the table for recognition at the event.  Please note that sponsors must commit a minimum of $1000 to be eligible for logo placement. Table sponsorship – is an option only on your sold tables and specific to the event. The reverse side of the table card is available to list your sponsors. 

Please note that donation tax receipts are not provided for any sponsorships. Sponsorship dollars must not be given online. P Logos will also need to be received for printing materials for recognition at your table. A sponsor may ask COHA for an invoice to expense the amount as a marketing expense which is why sponsorship is not eligible for tax receipts. 

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