Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning is a process of reflection and communication. It is a time for you to think and talk about your beliefs, values and wishes, and to let people know what is important to you for future healthcare decisions if you were unable to speak for yourself.

It means starting conversations with family and friends, and appointing a Substitute Decision Maker – the person who will speak for you if you cannot speak for yourself. Advance Care Planning includes writing down your wishes and informing your healthcare providers of your plan.

Living well also means planning well and Advance Care Planning is an important component of everyone’s overall life planning. Having an advance care plan is a gift you give to yourself and everyone who is important in your life.

Be brave and start a conversation that matters!

Don’t delay in starting your conversations – be curious and consider what is important to you as your healthcare needs change. Advance Care Planning is a simple three step process that includes:


About your values, beliefs and wishes then decide what matters most!


With people you trust and appoint a Substitute Decision Maker.


Prepare and continually share your advance care plan with those who matter most to you!

Who would you choose to make healthcare decisions for you if you could not?

The Central Okanagan Hospice Association has partnered with Interior Health for National ACP Day. Advanced care planning is for everyone; young and elderly, healthy and those with illnesses. Have you planned who you would choose to make healthcare decisions for you if you could not? Now is the opportunity to get started and we’ve made this process simple for you! We hope this new workbook will be complementary to your ongoing planning with your loved ones.

My Advance Care Plan Resources

My Advanced Care Plan Workbook is available in print or digital. Here is how you can access both versions:

Electronic, PDF-fillable version can be downloaded, saved, emailed and printed from:
IH’s My Advanced Care Plan Workbook

Printed, hard copies of the workbook can be ordered at no cost from:
Royal Printers (form #810275) in packs of 25

If you do not have an account with Royal Printers you can contact your local Home and Community Care office or email your request for copes to

My Advanced Care Plan not only empowers individuals to make informed choices but also cultivates a culture of preparedness and autonomy in healthcare decisions. Research demonstrates that having an advanced care plan leads to goal-aligned care, diminished interpersonal conflicts, confident decision-making, and smoother life transitions. We hope this resource inspires you to utilize it and share its benefits with your clients, volunteers, families, and friends, fostering greater peace of mind and well-being for all.


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