Compassion in Crisis: Caregiver Support

COHA’s Community Hospice Visiting program provides support for family caregivers, so they can go out, take a needed break, and not leave their loved one alone. Trained volunteers build relationships with the individual living with illness, and their family.

Family caregivers are facing increasing challenges through this pandemic. Working to stay healthy, safe and connected in rapidly changing times is leaving caregivers isolated, exhausted and overwhelmed. Family caregivers struggle with a lack of time for self-care, financial strain, time management concerns, declining health of self, a lack of privacy. They also struggle with fears around asking for help and knowing where to find help if needed.

Family caregivers supporting loved ones in senior’s facilities are feeling helpless and have heavy hearts. They are experiencing the loss of visiting routines, the loss of participation in the physical care and hardships while trying to maintain their connection with their loved ones. This is a stressful and uncertain time for family caregivers with loved ones who live in long-term care facilities.

COHA is here to help and support spouses and family members through changing times during this pandemic. To do this, COHA must enhance its level of supports, and transition to support the escalating needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COHA will add caregiver and family virtual support groups and educational support, enhance one-on-one support, and provide counselling support if needed, to help the ease of these changing challenges and loss.

Please help COHA support caregivers, by making your donation to the Compassion in Crisis campaign, and selecting the Caregiver Support pillar.

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