Compassion in Crisis: Comfort and Caring

COHA is proud to work with our partners to complement the medical care that clients receive. Comfort while living with a serious illness is important, and COHA supports many comforts for individuals and families throughout the community, in private homes, in Hospice House, Brookhaven Care Centre, or in the hospital.

The garden at Hospice House is a beautiful space for individuals and families in Hospice House to spend time in and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and flowers. The tranquility of the garden offers a place where families can bring their loved ones outside or take some time for themselves for personal reflection.

When individuals arrive at Hospice House or at Brookhaven Care Centre, they are often missing some comforts from home. In some cases, this includes that favorite TV channel, to watch golf, movies, or a special TV show. COHA provides an upgraded Shaw cable package for individuals in Hospice House or Brookhaven Care Centre, as an added touch.

One of our goals is to help create some normalcy for the individual and their family during a difficult time. COHA decorates Hospice House for the seasons and holidays, bringing a spark of joy to individuals and families. Celebrations are important, and acknowledging holidays is something that most families and individuals do throughout their lives. COHA also celebrates special days such as birthdays and anniversaries, marking those joyous occasions, even throughout a difficult journey.

Music can reach everyone, evoking memories of past moments, or forging connections through lyrics and tunes. COHA brings in musicians to spend time in Hospice House. Some play the piano or others play their own instruments. Some of our musicians sing as well, and these sounds float down the hallways so everyone may enjoy the tune.

No matter where in the community you are, COHA volunteers are here. Our volunteers provide vigil services, in the hours or days before someone’s death. Compassionate and trained volunteers may sit in reflection, play soft music, provide a gentle touch in comfort, be a healing presence or a listening ear for family and friends who wish to share their thoughts and feelings. Volunteers offer comfort, companionship, information and guidance. Vigil services are available any time, day or night, so no one is alone when they die, or so family and friends have the support they need, in their hardest times.

These are just some of the comfort and caring measures that COHA offers our community members and individuals. But we need your help to continue to do so. Please make your donation to COHA’s Compassion in Crisis campaign today.

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There are many ways to get involved to help the dying, grieving and their loved ones in the Central Okanagan.