Caregiver Support Program

The health and well-being of family caregivers directly influences quality of life and reduces the suffering of those who are most vulnerable due to frailty and serious illness.

Family caregivers are those who support any person who is seriously ill or experiencing frailty as they age. This support happens wherever the person lives, whether it be in your private home or in any care facility including hospital, long term care or hospice house.

Family caregiving is rewarding but also challenging as you learn to navigate the health care system, adjust to change and loss in your relationship and life, and as you learn to cope with the demands of providing comfort and care for your person.

As a family care giver, it is important to recognize that you too deserve and need support during these vulnerable moments of life.

The greatest gift you as a family caregiver can give to your person care is knowing when, where, and how to ask for help, and how to prioritize your own health and well-being in your caregiving role. Support for family caregivers is about quality of life – for you, your family, and ultimately your loved one and friend.

Caregiver support is not about indulgence, but rather about self and family preservation.

Caregiver Education Series
In partnership with Vantage Living Communities and Jump Start Communications COHA offered an eight-week Family Caregiver Education Series filled with various learning themes and inspirations throughout the fall of 2020. Each session was designed to inform and support family caregivers with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to provide confidence and resilience in their caregiving role.

Each session was recorded to provide an opportunity for family caregivers to come back to reflect on this information and to help build knowledge, skills and comfort. To learn more please click our Caregiver Education Series Recordings below.

If you require more information or assistance please contact Cheryl Sewell at 250.763.5511 for more information.


The Family Caregiver Education Series is generously supported by the United Way Southern Interior BC and the Government of Canada for the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) grant.

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