Megan Owens (missing), Tara Nakashima, Shalanne Wilson (missing), Deanne Collinson, Albina Sabry, Carol McGean, Mackenzie Moore, Elsie Dunn (missing) & Alex Godkin (missing)


Team Invati is an eclectic group of ladies, spanning 40 years of earthly experience, and varying degrees of yoga expertise, from beginner to instructor. Our motivations for participating in Swinging with the Stars are varied. Some of us have had very personal connections to COHA, while others just want to dance, spread positivity and help to support a very worthy cause.

Despite our diverse experience, we all have two unifying characteristics: we embrace challenge and engage in life with hearts wide open. We are grateful to have this opportunity to gather as a community, learn together, laugh together and connect, while rehearsing for this event. As yogis, we generally focus on our inner strength and focus, but for this occasion, we are more than happy to share our energies. The translation of “Invati” is “stand in your power” – so get ready for some powerhouses!

Professional Dance Instructor

Mackenzie Moore

Mackenzie has lived in Lake Country with her family for 15 years and has spent most of her childhood dancing competitively and training in all disciplines: hip hop, ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary etc. After graduation, Mackenzie danced on Team Canada, representing western Canada in the International Dance Organization’s Hip Hop Competition in Rimini, Italy. Soon after, Mackenzie began teaching hip hop at Lake Country School of Dance, where she grew up dancing. She has been teaching competitive dance for four years and is determined to incorporate her passion into her future; whether that be through life style, career, teaching, yoga, movement, or wellness. Mackenzie believes that dance will always be an important expressive outlet and is excited to be participating in Swinging with the Stars. In 2017, Mackenzie’s Dad, Darrell, lost his battle with cancer and spent his last hours in hospice care, so this fundraiser is especially meaningful.

Campaign Manager

Deanne Collinson

Deanne is very happy to be the campaign lead for “Team Invati”. Her desire to help COHA is very personal, as her husband passed away two years ago while in the care of the wonderfully warm, gentle and supportive staff of Hospice House. They made all the difference. She feels that it is time to give back, and try to help others in the similar situations.”